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6V 12V 24V DC Tester Probe Light Wand - with replacement bulb HQ

6V 12V 24V DC Tester Probe Light Wand - with replacement bulb HQ

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Item Information:

6V – 24V DC ** Caution – DO NOT TEST ON STANDARD WALL OUTLET! This tester is for DC power only **

  • Probe (Point) is Positive (+), use this probe to check for active voltage.
  • Wire from the top (Green Wire Plugged onto Top) is Negative (-) , this wire should be clipped to ground or any metal conducting part of your vehicle.

Light inside the handle turns on when there is active voltage on probe.


Bulb Replacement Guide:

1. Unscrew the top of the probe handle, and remove the Cover & the pen handle clip. The bulb should slide out along with the spring.

2. Slide in the bulb resistor side towards the probe (the none resistor side towards the top where the cap will be put back on.

3. Then slide the Spring, then the Clip and the Cap. Tighten securely.

4.If the bulb is installed correctly, the light should be emitting brightly Green, if the light emits dim red light, you will have to re-open and flip the bulb the other way around

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Product packaged in sealed bulk packaging for optimal delivery weight and frustration free easy unpacking of product ready to be installed.

Not suitable for pets or young children: seller takes no responsibility for harm resulting from misuse.

Misuse of product will void warranty.

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