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Brook Wingman FGC - Arcade Joystick Converter for PC PS4 PS5 Fighting Games SF6

Brook Wingman FGC - Arcade Joystick Converter for PC PS4 PS5 Fighting Games SF6

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Wingman FGC wired fighting stick converter x 1
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Firmware upgradeable 

Since 2016, Brook has been leading the industry with their Fighting Board PCB and Super Converter / Wingman products.  These products have shaped the way we optimize our controllers with the lowest latency in the industry, while at the same time allowing a wide compatibility to modern and retro systems alike.  

Use your PS3/4/Xbox Controllers on the PS5

Their break through products continue with the Brook Wingman FGC.  This product allows you to use a variety of PS3/4, Xbox, PC controllers to work on the PS5, without the need to change the internal PCB for your compatible controller.  No modding required, that is.

Depending on the tournament you attend, the main system of choice may not be on the PS5, but instead, use PC's as most games are optimized for it.  The Brook Wingman FGC also  has the benefit of allowing you to plug in your controller without the annoyance of remapping or at times, having to reset your PC to recognize it.  Simply plug and play.  For tournament organizers, these are a must to optimize their time and flow

Ultra Fast Response
Button Remapping
Firmware Upgradable
Use your controller from over 20 brands, 60 different controllers to work on the PS5 or PC
Works with control pad or arcade controller (stickless or arcade stick) in wired mode only (does not support wireless) - Check to see if your controller is compatible, here.
Fighting Game specific for PS5.  Does not work for non-fighting games for PS5 only.  Works with all games on PS4 and PC
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