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Premium 58V DC ANS MIDI Fuse 100 amp 58VDC 6mm Bolt On

Premium 58V DC ANS MIDI Fuse 100 amp 58VDC 6mm Bolt On

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Item Information:
Style: Bolt-down Fuse
Current Rating: 100A Blue
Nominal Voltage: 58V
Fuse Type: ANS / MIDI

Handles inrush currents
Color coded for current characteristics
Fuse offers a bolt-on space saving fuse for high current wiring protection and provides time delay characteristics

Current Rating: 100A
Color Code: Blue
Voltage Rating: 58V DC
Operating Temperature Range: -40C to +125C
Black Housing Material: PA66-GF25 (U.L. 94 Flammability rating – V0)
Terminal:  Copper
Mounting Torque M5: 4.5 Nm +/- 1Nm
Mounting Torque M6: 6.0 Nm +/- 1Nm
Refers to: ISO 8820-5:2003
Complies with: Standard UL 248-1 as a Special Purpose Fuses in UL file E71611 (40-100A) and Directive 2011/65/EU


Not suitable for pets or young children: seller takes no responsibility for harm resulting from misuse.
Misuse of product will void warranty.
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