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Sanwa Denshi

Sanwa Joystick BAT TOP LB-30N w/ N-S

Sanwa Joystick BAT TOP LB-30N w/ N-S

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Item Information:
The SANWA LB-30-N Battop is an oval American / Korean style handle, great for those who are used to playing with this type of top.

Included with the battop is the Sanwa LB-30 N-S Battop Adapter for installing onto M6 threading compatible shafts. Without the adapter, it is compatible with the original Sanwa JLW models only (which have a larger diameter shaft).

Item Feature:
  • Oval Shape Bat Top
  • Includes N-S Battop Adapter to install on M6 threading.
  • Top Diameter 30mm (Looking down from top)
  • 4 Color Choice - Black, Red, White, Blue
  • Matte finish with non-slip micro studs
  • Also Compatible with Seimitsu LS Series Joysticks

Not suitable for pets or young children: seller takes no responsibility for harm resulting from misuse.
Misuse of product will void warranty.

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