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SEIMITSU Original PS-14-G Black Rim Push Button JAMMA guitar killswitch

SEIMITSU Original PS-14-G Black Rim Push Button JAMMA guitar killswitch

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Item Information:

Original 100% Genuine SEIMITSU PS-14-G Push Button in Black Rim COLOR.

Listing is for One (1) button.

Translucent (Slightly Clear) and Other Colors Available in Different Listing,  Please visit our eBay Shop!

Standard 30mm Size, make sure to check the correct sizing.

Clear snap-in 30mm pushbuttons from Seimitsu.  Seimitsu gives you the best overall performance and variety in terms of color choices.  Sanwa Denshi's clears are more sensitive to the touch while Seimitsu's activates and are responsive to a more pressure, so there are no accidental inputs if your fingers rest of the buttons

These are standard sized pushbuttons that are used in most fight sticks such as QanBa, Hori and Mad Catz, which are the larger play buttons. You can insert your custom artwork by removing the inner plastic cap

Can be used as guitar killswitches or any other momentary switch needs.  Ease of installation with snap-in clip type mounting.
We also carry SANWA DENSHI line of buttons OBSF-30 & OBSF-24 and joysticks JLF-TP-8YT

Item Features:

  • Brand new and High quality Original Japan-made button
  • Color Choices (Available in Other Listings)
  • Snap-in installation, easy to replace existing parts and use
  • Mounting hole diameter : 30mm
  • Overall diameter : 33mm
  • Can be mounted in material with a thickness from 2 to 5 mm
  • Each Seimitsu button contains a non-clicking micro switch
  • Fast reactive time and quick reset
  • Perfect for XBOX360/PS3/PS2 Controllers and Arcade machine which demand the highest quality parts
  • Can use the buttons to build your own custom controller
  • Can be also used as guitar kill switches

Connection Diagram for Guitar Kill switch on Normally Open switches (N/O):

Not suitable for pets or young children: seller takes no responsibility for harm resulting from misuse.

Misuse of product will void warranty.

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